Happy New Year from BioUPGRADE – Reflections of 2022

To wrap up the previous year our project coordinator Professor Emma Master has shared her thoughts of all the things happened in 2022. It was a very busy first year, and we wish 2023 would be the same if not more!

“The importance of in-person connections for idea generation and exchange was deeply felt within our BioUPGRADE project this year, as was likely felt by many teams through 2022. For me, the energy and inspiration gained from fluid discussions not interrupted by network delays, served as a reminder of how important the human connection is to professional life. Our BioUPGRADE team held its first in-person annual meeting in Helsinki during its brightest month of June. We assembled expertise in protein design, enzyme technology and material science from Spain, Sweden and Finland to discuss the development of enzymes and non-lytic proteins that add new functionality to renewable biofibers (e.g., cellulose, chitin), enabling their broader use in sustainable textiles and biodegradable polymers. Additional mobility of students and post-doctoral fellows through 2022 solidified the scope of interdisciplinary projects that connect trainees from all participating institutions. BioUPGRADE research was shared at over five international conferences this year, in addition to our publications and first patent. If you are interested to join us or learn more, we welcome you to get in touch!”