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Starting 2023 with a new publication

Our contributors, Eleni Ioannou and Taru Koitto from Aalto Univeristy in Helsinki has published their work on Loosenin-like proteins. Loosenin-Like Proteins from Phanerochaete carnosa Impact Both Cellulose and Chitin Fiber Networks Monschein M, Ioannou E, [...] Read more »

Happy New Year from BioUPGRADE - Reflections of 2022

To wrap up the previous year our project coordinator Professor Emma Master has shared her thoughts of all the things happened in 2022. It was a very busy first year, and we wish 2023 would be the same if not more! “The importance of in-person [...] Read more »

First international research mobility with KTH team members visiting Aalto

Zsuzsanna Szabó, our PhD student intern from KTH Royal Institute of Technology, visited Emma Master´s biocatalysis team at Aalto University. Zsuzsi is working in Work Package 3 in which she is developing demonstrator products such as hydrogels. She brought [...] Read more »

Nordic Wood Biorefinery Conference 2022 and fall update

Fall is passing by and winter is approaching here up North, and we have some exciting news from Aalto University in Helsinki. Nordic Wood Biorefinery Conference (NWBC) has presented the latest discoveries and innovations in bio-based materials, chemicals, and [...] Read more »

First publication from our partners in Spain

Our partners Raul Perez-Jimenez and Ylenia María Jabalera Ruz from CICNanogune in Spain has contributed to the following work: Enzymatic upgrading of nanochitin using an ancient lytic polysaccharide monooxygenase Barandiaran, L., Alonso-Lerma, B., Reifs, A. [...] Read more »

BioUPGRADE goes to LignoBiotech2022 (Vancouver, Canada)

Many BioUPGRADE team members presented their research at LignoBiotech2022 (Vancouver, Canada) Vancouver, Canada. Our BioUPGRADE project coordinator professor Emma Master was also on the organizing and scientific committees of the conference. Many of our [...] Read more »

Second BioUPGRADE plenary; held in-person in Helsinki!

We were excited and grateful to be able to meet international members of our team in person for the first time. We kicked off summer with our second plenary meeting, which took place in sunny Otaniemi and Helsinki in Finland. We shared research highlights, [...] Read more »

Workshop on Inclusivity

Our partners have participated at a half-day workshop on inclusivity at the workplace. The session was opened by Noelia Lozano, representative of the Research and Gender group at RAICEX, the Association of Spanish Researchers Abroad. She has talked about [...] Read more »

Workshop on stress management: From negative stress to positive stress

April 13, 2022 – Workshop on stress management: From negative stress to positive stress Our partners have participated at an online half-day workshop for stress management coordinated by Henrik Levinsson, from Finish on Time. The purpose of this [...] Read more »

First BioUPGRADE plenary meeting

January 19-20, 2022 – First BioUPGRADE plenary with participation from all partners and our expert Advisory Board was held via [...] Read more »