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New publication in Biotechnology for Biofuels and Bioproducts

Insights into the action of phylogenetically diverse microbial expansins on the structure of cellulose microfibrils has been published by our project partners Majid Haddad Momeni, Salla Hiltunenm Janak Sapkota and Emma R. Master. Microbial expansins with [...] Read more »

Schedule for our panel at ACS SPRING 2024 in New Orleans

The timetable for our panel at Cellulose and Renewables Division title Enzymatic Upgrading of Biopolymers Towards Multipurpose Functional Materials is finalized. Come and meet with us in New [...] Read more »

Two new publications to start 2024

Our team members from Aalto University and UPM have written a review article about impacts of expansin-related proteins on lignocellulosic materials and prospective applications in lignocellulose processing: Comparative assessment of chemical and biochemical [...] Read more »

UPM visits KTH to strengthen further collaborations

BioUPGRADE partner UPM had the pleasure of visiting KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden, where they met with the talented researchers from the lab of Francisco Javier Vilaplana Domingo. Project members had fruitful discussions on various [...] Read more »

Summary of the plenary: BioGUNE as a host

Last July, we hosted our second in-person plenary meeting in Spain. As the event’s organizers, we selected Granada, a city rich in culture, as our meeting point. The first day featured a series of presentations prepared by Aalto University and CIC BioGUNE. [...] Read more »

Innovation News Network article about BioUPGRADE

BioUPGRADE: Advancing biocatalysts to enrich the global bioeconomy Emma Master, PhD, from Aalto University details how the BioUPGRADE project drives state-of-the-art innovations in biocatalysts THE overarching goal of the BioUPGRADE project is to establish [...] Read more »

Reflections from Day 2 of the Plenary meeting

I came to Granada directly after my 1-month research visit to the University of Toronto, where I have been learning from Professor Emma Master´s PhD students the ins and outs of enzymatic modification of biomass. Due to the time difference and the long-haul [...] Read more »

Recap of Day 1 at the Plenary meeting

Everyone had found their way to Granada by Sunday night before the start of the conference, so we had our reunion first thing on Monday morning. It was great to see everyone in person after our last plenary online. Some of our teams also had new trainees and [...] Read more »

Project video in the making

During February and March this year we have been busy with making a video for BioUPGRADE. Hopefully it will share more insight in the research that we are doing and spread the work that we are doing. The video will be released before our Summer Plenary [...] Read more »

Work package 1 leader Raul Pérez-Jiménez joins CIC bioGUNE

Professor Raúl Pérez-Jiménez becomes the principal investigator of Synthetic Biology Laboratory and joins with his group to CIC bioGUNE from January 2023. The Centre for Cooperative Research in Biosciences (CIC bioGUNE), member of the Basque Research & [...] Read more »