LIGNOBIOTECH 2024 – 7th Symposium on Bi­o­tech­no­logy Ap­plied to Ligno­cel­lu­loses, October 14-17, 2024

Replacing fossil carbon with renewable resources is essential to achieve climate neutrality goals. In this context, lignocellulose which is the second most abundant source of renewable carbon on Earth is the most promising feedstock.

Over the years, the LignoBiotech symposium has strengthened the scientific community involved in lignocellulosic biomass valorization. It has enabled a wide range of expertise to be shared at the various LignoBiotech sessions held in Reims, France (2010), Fukuoka, Japan (2012), Conception, Chile (2014), Madrid, Spain (2016), Helsinki, Finland (2018) and Vancouver, Canada (2022).

After 14 years of traveling the world, LignoBiotech 2024 brings our symposium back in France, in Toulouse. Located in the south of France, the Occitanie region is one of the most important agricultural regions in France, and Toulouse is the third largest French city dedicated to higher education and research with a strong focus on biotechnologies and the Bioeconomy.

LignoBiotech 2024 will focus on the latest biotechnological advances in biomass valorization, using all fractions of biomass -cellulose, hemicelluloses, extractives and lignin- to produce biomaterials, biofuels and fine chemicals. Particular emphasis will be placed on recent advances in biomass characterisation in order to establish a link between biomass properties and promising bioproducts and biomaterials. LignoBiotech 2024 will highlight new opportunities for exploring and exploiting microbial and enzymatic biodiversity, using synthetic biology and artificial intelligence, and will address the sustainability of emerging and developed applications of lignocellulosic biobased products and services that meet the future challenges of developing a global Bioeconomy.