Nordic Wood Biorefinery Conference 2022 and fall update

Fall is passing by and winter is approaching here up North, and we have some exciting news from Aalto University in Helsinki.

Nordic Wood Biorefinery Conference (NWBC) has presented the latest discoveries and innovations in bio-based materials, chemicals, and products from wood biorefineries. NWBC has been held in Helsinki, 25-27 October 2022.

Deepika Dahiya has presented a poster at the conference under the name of Microbial Expansin Related Proteins for Improved Enzymatic Action for Conversion of Lignocellulose to Platform Sugars. She also took part in the pitching competition for PhD students where she talked about how expansin-like protein can enhance enzymatic action to improve biofuel production.

Deepika is working very hard on scaling up the protein production in September 2022 they had run 200L Marubishi Bioreactor. That was industrial scale and the group´s first ever biggest production of PcaLOOL12, yielded 481 mg/L concentration and 51 grams yield. Very big achievement for her as she started in September 2021 with 3L reactors and reached 200L in one year. It was run by Deepika, her master’s student Martina Huusela and our bioprocess lecturer Tero Eerikäinen who helped with technical issues.