Recap of Day 1 at the Plenary meeting

Everyone had found their way to Granada by Sunday night before the start of the conference, so we had our reunion first thing on Monday morning. It was great to see everyone in person after our last plenary online. Some of our teams also had new trainees and team members, so getting to know each person’s research in more detail was nice.

Work package updates

On our first day of the plenary, we heard overviews of work packages 1-3. We delved into more detail on enzyme technologies for textile applications and conductive inks in packaging applications. This included presentations from our PIs and trainees from Aalto University, CIC bioGUNE, and UPM. I also had my presentation on this day. The presentations were a great way to update the larger picture of our individual research and check where we are on the trajectory of the project. I found it really helpful to get to meet our advisory board members in person and continue the discussions between presentations. I feel that it’s events like these that truly remind me what a privilege it is to participate in events like these and get valuable feedback from experienced researchers in our field. I always leave events like these feeling refreshed and energized, excited to get back to the lab and try out new ideas!

Anna Potho (Aalto)

Dinner at Palcio de los Patos