Summary of the plenary: BioGUNE as a host

Last July, we hosted our second in-person plenary meeting in Spain. As the event’s organizers, we selected Granada, a city rich in culture, as our meeting point. The first day featured a series of presentations prepared by Aalto University and CIC BioGUNE. These sessions facilitated engaging discussions and kept us abreast of the latest developments in our project. To conclude the day, we enjoyed a delightful dinner at “Los Patos” restaurant, providing us with a relaxed atmosphere to get to know each other better. 

On the second day, our colleagues from KTH Institute of Technology took the stage, along with the advisory program. The advisory program provided invaluable feedback and outlined the next steps for our project. As a fitting conclusion to our meeting, we organized an evening visit to the Alhambra, bidding farewell to this productive gathering.

I will be great to see everyone next year in Sweden!